Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Miscount? 13 weeks and 1 day!

We went to the Imaging clinic yesterday to get our nuchal fold test done and I was so nervous going in. I had vowed not to be as nervous as last time but apparently I don't listen to myself! The lady who scanned me was so kind and went out of her way to tell me how good my scans were and that the baby looked wonderful and just how it should for 13 weeks. "13 weeks?", I said, "I thought I was only 12!" but apparently not.  We got a lovely disc of images too so I'll work on posting some of them soon. 

I don't know whether it is a sign of something either but I have been referring to baby as 'he', perhaps prophetic? Not sure. I'd be delighted with a boy or girl either way. When ever I ask Little V what the baby is though she says little brother whose name is 'baby' so we'll have to wait until the twenty week scan to see. Luckily 'baby' as a name goes both ways!

Today we went shopping in town and it was quite successful. We even stood in line to get a Santa photo and Little V was not too badly behaved (with plyings of crackers, drink and finally a dummy). I did have a strange moment where I developed a shining crescent flash in my right eye. It lasted about 10 minutes and then disappeared. I googled it, of course, when I got home as this is the third time it's happened and it could be an ocular migraine or in pregnant women over 20 or so weeks a sign of pre-eclampsia, only it's normally accompanied by high blood pressure and swelling in the hands, feet or face which I don't have so I'll wait and mention it to my OB when I next see her on the 31st.  It doesn't hurt but it is quite disconcerting! 

Energy levels have been quite good and not as much nausea, if I had to rate today (even though it's not over yet!) I think it'd be an 8 out of 10 :)

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