Saturday, December 18, 2010

11 weeks 6 days

Had an absolute shocker of a day today. Big V and I decided to try and be organised and go Christmas shopping together so there would be two of us to look after Little V but we had such issues even getting out the door that we ended up setting out an hour later than intended. 

Once in town we were driving round the block to try and find a park and I could feel this wave of nausea starting to rise in my belly. I said to Big V that I needed to eat something pretty soon as usually that does the trick but I suddenly realised that it wasn't going to wait. I choked out a "pull over!" and just as he did I opened up the door to let fly with a charming jet of bile into the gutter. Thank God there were no pedestrians in sight as I just kept going and going and going... 

Needless to say it was an extremely unflattering moment and one I don't care to repeat. As I shakily closed the door a new aroma infested the car but it wasn't me. Little V had chosen that moment to crap herself. It was a unanimous decision to call it quits and go home.  Little V went to sleep as soon as we got home and I curled up on the couch and tried to feel comfortable and ignore the foul taste in my mouth that even chipolte sauce couldn't get rid of. I hope tomorrow is a more productive day!

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