Friday, December 17, 2010

11 weeks 5 days

More nausea today - bleurgh! I find it's when I don't eat in time that it's the worst. I was halfway through making toast this morning when a wave of gagging hit. I'm so glad we have privacy blinds in our kitchen! It would not have been a good look to be caught dry retching into the kitchen sink! Just one more of the not so attractive things that can come with pregnancy. 

Although I must remind myself that I promised not to complain as I was so afraid that I would not even be able to conceive after the last time. And also that I have so many friends who are going through troubles with wanting a baby - hormone tablets, injections, IVF, etc. One particular friend I just make wishes for all the time that it will happen for her because she gets her hopes up so, so much each month and then gets so depressed when it doesn't. People say, it'll happen when it happens, relax and don't stress so much but it it is so much easier said than done. 

We all have our different worries. For me it's just hoping that every aspect of this pregnancy turns out ok. The gestation, the birth, the child's health afterwards, MY health afterwards... it can become an all consuming thing if you let it. I am conscious to pull myself up when I feel my thoughts wander down that path and try to turn to more positive thoughts, after all what help is it to worry? None at all.

We are going to Big V's Christmas work dinner tonight and I've thought very long and hard about what sort of attire will hide my growing paunch. I managed to find a little orangey, smock type tunic which does the hiding quite nicely without looking like a fancy sack. Well done me :) It will be nice to go out for meal that I don't have to cook myself!

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