Thursday, December 16, 2010

11 weeks 4 days

Had a fantastic day today.  Mood much, much better. No nausea either, yay!  The only thing I'm a bit concerned about is that I've been feeling like I'm starting to get constipated (pleasant, I know but this is a warts and all account!) I'm not yet but I'm aware that I feel different down there :( I've started trying to drink more water (probably a good thing anyway) and perhaps I'll invest in some prunes too!  Some of the mother's I know have told me about their experiences with haemorrhoids and they just sound so unpleasant!  Constipation seems to be a contributing factor so I really, REALLY hope I don't get them!

I went to Mother's group this morning to catch up with the lovely ladies that I met just after having Little V. Two of them, Mrs. L and Mrs. K, have just had their second babies, literally within a week or two of each other and Mrs. B is due in Feb. I got to cuddle K's new Bub and she is simply devine. Perhaps that's what perked my mood, cuddling this tiny little life. You forget how small they are in the beginning.  

We're going to have our own Chrissy/ goodbye dinner this week as B is leaving for the mainland to live for a bit while her hubby does his placement for work (he is a Dr.). She assures us that they'll definitely be back as their hearts are here but you never know. I will be really sad to see B go as I have connected with her perhaps the most, it is not that far away to visit but with little ones it always ups the ante to travel!

I really wanted to sleep in the afternoon as I've been feeling very fatigued but I made myself stay up and then took Little V down to visit a friend's new house. We had chatted yesterday and she guessed that I was pregnant! She is a NICU nurse though so I guess she is more tuned in to these things. She is also trying for her third and hopes she gets there soon so we can be fatties together, hahaha! We have decided to go out to dinner on New Year's Eve and we will stay at theirs and share a babysitter. A lovely plan as I get so tired in the evening now, I'm not sure I'd be awake for the 12 o'clock countdown!

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