Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 weeks 2 days

Woke up feeling awesome and energised, ready to tackle anything kinda mood.  No nausea, although my tummy has started feeling a little distended and it's getting harder to hide the mini paunch that is appearing. I guess second time round your muscles are slightly more relaxed!

I tried to ring a few people to catch up but no one was available so Little V and I ended up riding down to the park by ourselves.  One thing I've noticed about this pregnancy is that while I am not experiencing the extreme lows in mood as I did with the previous one, I am feeling very emotional and sensitive. I really, REALLY wanted to hang out with people today and even though I was feeling good I got quite sad when no one was available.  I knew this was a ridiculous feeling and I didn't want it to stop me doing something so I'm glad I had enough verve to kick my own butt and go on our lonesome anyway. It's so frustrating to know that you are susceptible to your hormones and can feel like something is wrong even though you know there is nothing wrong. It's like you go about your day searching for something to pin the blame on because you think 'I must be feeling this way for a reason', only the reason is chemical not situational!

I rang Big V to chat to him about this and being the lovely that he is he offered to cancel his jogging plans with our BIL and stay home with me. I actually got quite teary on the phone to him which I hate because I sound like a sap! I declined his offer because I know how little time he has for things like gym and exercise these days and I am not terrific company when feeling like this, I'd rather not use him as a whipping boy! Also, I do not want to give in to these feelings. I'd rather try and stay positive. Sure I'll acknowledge how I'm feeling but I don't want to let it control my life!

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