Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12 weeks

I had arranged a while back to go walking with a friend (Miss S) today and after yesterday I was a bit worried that I'd have to cancel due to erkiness. Luckily this was no the case and we were able to set off around ten. I was aware that I wasn't walking at my usual pace (I can't believe I feel so encumbered already!) but Miss S didn't seem to notice.  

Miss S is one of the friends I had previously mentioned that has been trying to get pregnant for a long, long time and started off having hormone tablets and then progressed to injections to try and get her ovulation happening.  I see her quite often and it was a heart breaking thing to watch each months disappointment when she found that she had not conceived. She had told me near the end of November that her OB was going to give her one last 'go' at trying on her own and if she hadn't by December then he wanted her to come in for an op to 'clear out her tubes'! I was so upset for her as I had just recently been through my op and could totally sympathise with the fear and anxiety that come along with such a prospect.  I really prayed and wished for her to be successful and I was a bit annoyed at the pressure her OB had seemed to put on her. 

Well, whilst walking and talking she started telling me how she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to go on her holidays overseas anymore and how she'd have to wait until her next scan and I couldn't help myself, "You said scan!" I exclaimed and she looked at me guiltily and smiled and nodded her head. Of course we carried on like twits in the street, laughing and hugging and all the rest and she told me that she hopes that I get pregnant soon so we can be fatties together and so it was my turn to look guilty. More carrying on and laughing ensued! 

What a great day! It turns out she may be having twins too! Something to do with the hormone injections she tells me but not to get too excited yet as apparently one may be absorbed in the early stages. She is around seven weeks so we will not be far apart in things at all. Let's hope all goes well for the both of us :) It is nice to have some happy news.

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