Friday, January 7, 2011

15 weeks and 5 days

I've been having a break from writing over New Year. Big V is on holidays (last day today - boo) so I've been away from the computer which is a good thing really :)  

We got our test results back which say we are a low risk on the nuchal folds test so that was a relief. I had a scan at my OBs and it looked like Baby was asleep, laying with arms above head. I could see the heart beating away but Baby didn't move and so since then I have been a little worried. I do not want to give in to paranoia but I am finding it hard to not be anxious during this pregnancy, so annoying!

I have also managed to strain a tendon in my right butt cheek (oh the indignity) how this has occurred I couldn't say but it is proving to be a frustration as getting things done is a lot harder when you keep getting 'pinged' in the butt when you move a certain way! I imagine it must be the similar to sciatica which I've heard some pregnant women get and I that's what I thought it might have been at first but the pain is only in the cheek not shooting down my leg so nope, not a pressie from the preggo fairy.
Big V took me on a shopping trip for my birthday this year and I found some awesome maternity jeans from Jeanswest for only $65! Or 2 for $99 which we got because Big V got a pair too - obviously not maternity style though, hahaha! I am quite chuffed with this find as last time I was pregnant and looked at a pair of preggo jeans they were $199 so I figure I've got a bargain :) Also, just a secret here but they are so super comfy I can see them being worn after pregnancy as well!

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