Sunday, January 9, 2011

16 weeks

My butt is so, so sore :( I can barely move around and the frustration is growing. I see so many things that need doing and just cannot get to them. I can also see Big V's frustration growing because then he feels like he has to do them all.  I just want to have a clean house and the washing done before Big V has to go back to work and it's just not looking that way.  He'll have to do the grocery shopping, wash the dishes (which he's doing right now) pick up the many miscellaneous things around the lounge room and put on and peg out washes... what a way to spend your last day of holidays! The poor thing. 

On the pregnancy side of things my nose has stopped bleeding as regularly since I started putting paw paw on it (up it?). It makes Little V want to put paw paw up her nose too when she sees me so I've been trying to do it away from her as I figure it is not a good habit to get into - the shoving of things up noses.

My tummy is really starting to feel pregnant too now.  One of the many things my pregnancy tracker has told me now is that I should be able to feel my uterus just under my belly button if I press gently when I'm laying down. I tried it to see. They're right.  
Feeling so annoyed and slightly bored that I can't do stuff right now... so I'm off to lay with Little V to help her go to sleep for her midday nap.

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